The lazy days of summer were productive ones on Good Moon Farm this year. Check out what we’ve been up to:

First, we built a new 35×8 roof /water catchment structure to shelter some new tanks. So far we have 4000 gallons …but the structure is designed for another 3×2000. One fine day, this will give us 10,000 gallons to keep our plants happy.

The tanks were shipped in from Trinidad….at nearly 1/2 the price of what they cost here! We were hard at work completing the building
while they were being shipped…thankfully they just fitted under the roof!



Here is a picture of us working together to get the tanks in place.


These tanks have a great home above the farm. Gravity fed watering with a view!

A thank you bag of mangos for our helpful drivers.

Our second project was to revitalize our raised beds. Due to the lay of the land at Good Moon Farms, we have a few areas that collect top soil when the ghuts run during our tropical rains. Nutrient rich top soil is the perfect thing to revitalize raised farm beds with. It was quite the project, we brought in some mechanical assistance.


Placing the farm beds in place to be filled with fresh soil.


Project number 2, completed.

We have seedlings ready to go into the soil just in time for both the slightly cooler weather and the people to come back to Tortola. The CSA group will be among the first to benefit from the farm improvements!

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