Good Moon Farm is owned and operated by Aragorn Dick-Read, his wife, Federica and their two sons Zanti and Ceiba. The day to day management of the farm is handled by Drake Augusite, a Kalinago-Carib who grew up in the banana fields of Dominica . He has been working with Aragorn since the bush was first cleared in 2005.

Aragorn was born and raised on Tortola. Much of his knowledge of organic farming came from the old country farmers of the BVI and the Kalinago-Caribs of Dominica. He continues to learn from farmers and gardeners on his travels around the Caribbean and the world. The approach taken by Aragorn is simply to keep it simple. He uses chicken and rabbit manure to fertilize the soil, makes his own compost and he plants crops with the lunar calendar, the “good moon” as we say in the Caribbean! He also works with the seasons, planting crops out of sync with the bugs that tend to destroy them.

Provisioning for the marine and villa industries

Being intimately connected with the marine industry all his life, Aragorn understands well the needs and wants of the mega/super yacht chefs,the captains and crew as well as bareboat sailors and villa renters. Aragorn’s mother and father started the BVI’s first high end provisioning business in the 1970’s (the Ample Hamper). Though they specialized in importing delicacies from all over the world , Aragorn’s goal is to provide you strictly local products. He adheres to the same standards of personalized customer service that his parents set.

Following on from the success of last season, Good Moon Farm has increased our supply base to include local meats, local seafood, local baked goods, local flowers and local liquors. Aragorn has expanded his network of farmers to include meat farmers, fishermen, bakers, flower farmers and brewers. Though we strive to produce as much as we can on the farm, we cherish the support of our Local Producers Network. We are now able to offer our customers the broadest range of local BVI products available.

Local produce is the future, but having said that we have found that for convenience, many of our customers are requesting that we supply them with imported foods, beverages, and even household supplies as well. We can not keep a warehouse of stock in these items, but we are now offering a Shopping Service which we charge at an hourly rate for.

When you place your order with Good Moon Farm, you will receive an automated confirmation acknowledging your order, you should then expect a follow up from us to tell you what is available and offer alternatives for what we may not have. It is better to place your order as far in advance as possible, so if we do not have some items on our farm we can find it through our network of BVI farmers. If you do not get a follow up response quickly enough please call us at 1 (284) 542-0586.

Once confirmed, your order is picked fresh the day of delivery. We maintain a steady stock of fruits, fresh herbs and greens on our boat shop at Marina Cay/Scrub Island and Monkey Point as well as at Aragorn’s Studio in Trellis Bay, so if you are caught short mid charter and need to re-provision en-route always check the baskets at the studio. If you require specialty items that you don’t see on our list, don’t hesitate to ask us and we will try and source it for you. If you have any seeds that you would like us to try for you please bring them in!

Our prices do vary due to supply. They are often higher than the supermarket, but we pride our selves on our superior taste, nutritional qualities, longer shelf/fridge life and an absolute reassurance that we are giving you LOCALLY GROWN ORGANIC PRODUCE.

We are happy to arrange delivery any where in the BVI, or organize for collection in Trellis Bay or Marina Cay. Better still, you are welcome to visit the farm and collect it yourself!