It’s summer time on Good Moon Farm. The kids are out of school, there are less visitors to the islands and it’s slightly warmer than our winter months. That doesn’t mean it’s not busy on the farm!

Summer time in the BVI is mango season. Our trees are full of ripening or fully ripe fruit. We have really enjoyed harvesting from the tree near our porch. Instead of climbing or using harvesting tools, we simply walk to the end of the porch and reach a little.

Our lettuce plants have needed a little extra help to deal with the summer sun. We have added some shade to their beds so that they stay sweet and don’t bolt (go to seed). You can see the green fabric used to do this in the recent farm photo above.

Mangoes are not the only fruit trees that are producing fruit this summer. Our Syrian fig trees have buds of fruit on them, the avocados are gearing up for their early fall season and the banana, papaya and coconut trees are as busy as always producing their year round bounty.

While our farm works on it’s summer production, we have been working on a few things; ironing out the details of our CSA program, consuming organic summer produce and working on a new water catchment and storage system. Stay tuned for updates on these projects in the near future.

We hope to see you on the farm!

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