Lemon GrassIt is cold season in paradise. Local “bush tea” is what many islanders turn to during this season of sniffles and coughs.

Lemon grass is native to Southeast Asia and Africa where it has been used for centuries for cooking, normalizing heart rate, as an anti-fungal, aiding digestion and reducing fever.

Ready to experience the health benefits of lemon grass? The easiest way is to use it in a tea. Our favorite way to drink lemon grass tea is with a little ginger and mint.  Place a handful of our organic lemon grass (amount depends on how strong you want your tea, there are no known side affects from too much lemon grass), a few slices of our fresh ginger and a few sprigs of mint in a teapot. Boil the water and pour over the herbs. Allow it to step for 5 minutes and enjoy! IMGP4099

If unsweetened tea isn’t enjoyable to you, add a little honey or lemon to it. Not only will it help with your chills, but it is delicious as well. What is your favorite lemon grass tea blend?

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