Italian Arugula from Good Moon Farms

Italian Arugula from Good Moon Farms

So, there you are with a salad in front of you but this isn’t just any old salad. No…this salad has arugula from Good Moon Farms in it. You have no idea what you’re about to experience.

Good Moon Farm’s organic Arugula is like no other arugula. Because Aragorn Dick-Read, the owner of the farm, learned how to grow veggies from the farmers and not out a book, his arugula is just special.

Not sure if it’s the Caribbean air or the love and tenderness it’s grown with, but suffice it to say, it’s the talk of the yachters. Once you have Aragon’s arugula, you just can’t eat that stuff from the store!

To place your order, click on the Order Tab above.  You’ll wonder how you ever made salads without it1

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